Meet Our Amazing Team

Meet our team!

Richard Curtin – Head Designer and General Manager

Richard is our trusty leader here at Freeze H2O . He has spent much of his career hands on creating ideas and innovations then providing them to the market. His management skills are exceptional, making sure the company operations grow and ensuring that the company culture is maintained as transparent and ethical.


Michael Curtin – General Manager and Visionary

Michael is the bearer of many of the major functions and responsibilities in the company. Whilst being approachable, he is also focussed and motivated, ensuring that the quality of our products are of the highest standards. He is the man to speak to about budgets and financial organisation, having a background in successful business planning. His creative but realistic awareness of the organisation, ensure that we all stay on top of our game.

Carl Branson – Business Development Manager

Carl has worked in the role of Business Development Manager for some time now. He has improved and grown the companies Market position, defined long term organisational strategic goals, identified business opportunities, whilst working closely with the rest of the team to bring the Freeze H2O to market.

Karen Bailey – Account Development Manager

Karen is a passionate person, who has put her heart and soul into the development of this outstanding product. Karen identified development potential in the product by studying current business models; researching the potential buyer of the Freeze H2O and identifying and evaluating additional needs. She will be building and maintaining our customer relations and developing our customer base, giving exceptional customer service.

Sumit Sugar – Technical Guru


Sumit is a very important part of our team. He is the leading authority on computers, hardware and software. He has an in depth knowledge of technology and is very good at explaining issues in depth to those of us who are a little less tech savvy.

Joy Zhang – Administrative Expert

Joy is an administrative whirlwind. We are pretty sure that Organisation is her middle name, she, however, assures us that it is not. When we need something done, Joy is our go to girl. She takes on every task with enthusiasm and drive, and always manages to have a smile on her face.