FIIG – Freeze H2O Benchtop Ice Maker – Launches Globally on Indiegogo

Tuesday 1 September 2015 – Fresh Ideas Investment Group are very excited to announce that we have launched the opportunity to pre-purchase the Freeze H2O Benchtop Nugget Ice Maker. 

This is a project that we have been working on for some time, and it is poised to change the way the world uses ice.

Why Everyone Will Love the Freeze H2O

The Freeze H2O is fast chilling!The elegant Freeze H2O ice machine produces nugget ice bullets to chill drinks quickly, so you can enjoy them faster.

The Freeze H2O is convenient and portable! Who doesn't love the convenience of having ice for your summer drinks easily accessible wherever you are?The very stylish Freeze H2O will sit in pride of place on your kitchen bench, outside bar area, caravan, boat or tent, providing small nuggets of ice whenever you need them.   All you need is a power supply and some water and you are ready to go.

The Freeze H2O has a timer! Set your Freeze H2O to start when you want it to.  You don’t need to have it running all day.  The easy One Touch Control lets you set the ice machine to start when when it’s convenient for you!

Intergrated Automatic Filling Option! The Freeze H2O has an included external waterline integration! This gives you the ability fill your Freeze H2O in one of two ways.  You can attach your Freeze H2O to a water outlet, so it will fill itself, no more returning home hot and thirsty to find that the reservoir was empty and there is no ice!  Alternatively, you can fill the reservoir with fresh water. 

Stylish Modern Design!The Freeze H2O ice machine comes in 5 modern pastel colours, plus a classic black or white model, adding style and elegance to any kitchen or bar area.

Fast Ice Production!  The Freeze H2O ice machine produces approximately 0.5 kilos of ice every hour.  With the storage container holding up to 1 kilo of ice at a time.

Why We Did It.

Time and again, we have been to the freezer to get ice only to find it’s all gone, the ice container hasn't been filled, or the ice isn't ready yet!  We've all trailed up from the deck, missing crucial conversations with friends, to get more ice because it's run out.  Or, we've opened the cooler, to find all the ice we bought earlier from the store has melted, and is now just chilly water. 

How can we do this differently, we asked ourselves?  So we put our heads together and had a bit of a brainstorm.

It didn't take long before we came up with a plan. How good would it be to have a nugget ice machine, one that could sit outside with us, or sit elegantly on our benchtop, that would constantly produce more nugget ice for our drinks? So good! Was there one on the market?NO! Shall we develop one?YES!

And so the Freeze H2O was born.

In conclusion, we are challenging the way the world has traditionally used ice to chill their drinks.  You can check out our campaign now at or contact Karen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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