Who Are We You Ask?

Freeze H2O is a company that introduces new and innovative products onto the market. We take what was a smart idea and turn it into a reality.  

Freeze H2O feature information

  • There are seven powder coated colours to choose from including: red, blue, cream, green, black, white and pink.
  • Dimensions: 242w x 358h x 328d (mm).
  • Ambient temperature 10 – 40c.
  • Freeze H2O can be plugged into any standard 240V outlet.
  • Ice Making Capacity 12kg/24hours.
  • Ice bin holds 1 kilo of ice.
  • External waterline integration!
  • Preset timer. You get your ice when you want it!
  • The Freeze H2O knows when it is full. It is fitted with a sensor that lets it know when the ice bucket is full, and turns itself off accordingly. Our ice maker also has an built in timer, allowing you to set it to start when you want it to. Get home from a hard days work, and have your ice all ready to go.

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