Why You'll Love Our Freeze H2O

Fast Chilling

Freeze H2O ice bullets chill your drinks quickly so that you can enjoy them faster.


Who doesn’t love the convenience of having ice for your summer drinks easily accessible wherever you are? Now you don’t need to go inside to the freezer to get your ice, or use the Cooler Bin to store the expensive ice you bought from the store.

The stylish Freeze H2O, will sit in pride of place on your kitchen bench or on your outside table, providing you with small bullets of ice whenever you need them. You can choose to have the inside LED lights on or off. The LED lights are the same colour as your Freeze H2O.

Make Ice Whenever and Wherever You Need it!

How tired are you of going to the freezer and discovering that whoever used the last piece of ice didn’t refill the container.

Or going to use the automatic icemaker on your refrigerator, only to find that everyone else in the household wanted ice as well, and the icemaker couldn’t keep up with demand. With the Freeze H2O Benchtop Icemaker, those days are over.



Take It With You

You can even take your Freeze H2O with you! All you need is a 240V power supply and some bottled water and you can make ice anywhere, anytime. We can change the plug to suit your country.


How many times have you found NO ice left?

Time and again, we have been to the freezer to get ice only to find its all gone, the ice container hasn't been filled, or the ice isn't ready yet! We've trailed up from the deck, missing crucial conversations with friends, to get more ice because it's run out. Or, we've opened the cooler, to find all the ice we bought earlier from the store has melted, and is now just chilly water.

How can we do this differently, we asked ourselves?

So we put our heads together and had a bit of a brainstorm.  Then we came up with a plan!

How good would it be to have a machine, one that could sit outside with us, or sit elegantly on our bench top, one that would constantly produce more ice for our drinks? So good! Was there one on the market? NO! Shall we develop one? YES! And so from there it started.  Read more about who we are here.